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C. N. Annadurai Biography, Age, Death, Wife, Children, Family, Caste, Wiki & More

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Short Biography

C. N. Annadurai was born on 15-09-1909 in Kanchipuram in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. He was an Indian Politician, Chief Minister & Screenwriter.

Other Name: Conjeevaram Natarajan Annadurai
Other Professions: Chief Minister Screenwriter
Appearance: Tamil

C. N. Annadurai Complete Bio & Career

CN Annadurai born September 15, 1909, in Kanchipuram, February 3, 1969, in Tamil Nadu) was a politician and author of the stage (Playwright) and film (script) from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
He was one of the central figures of the Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu emerged in the early 20th century and postulated an independent identity of the Tamils as "Dravids" in contrast to the "Aryans" of northern India.
In the year 1940, C.N. Annadurai became Secretary General of the Justice Party, chaired by E. V. Ramasami a year earlier. After 1944, the Justice Party and the self-esteem movement merged under E.V. Ramasami leadership to the organization Dravidar Kazhagam (DK), Annadurai rose to the second man in the DK.
But soon there were conflicts between C.N. Annadurai and his mentor. In the year 1947, when E. V. Ramasami declared Indian Independence Day a day of mourning because he feared the dominance of Brahmans and North Indians in independent India, Annadurai publicly opposed him and welcomed Indian independence.
Also, Anandurai spoke in opposition to E. V. Ramasami for participation in elections. Annadurai shared the ideology of the DK, but preferred a less radical and majority approach. 
In the meantime, the differences seemed settled when E. V. Ramasami declared C.N. Annadurai his successor in the year 1948.
Ultimately, however, it came to a break when E. V. Ramasami 1949 married his secretary Maniammai, and this determined his successor. Thereupon, under the leadership of Annadurai, the party Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) split from the DK. About three-quarters of the members of the DK joined the DMK. C. N. Annadurai emphasized
There were no ideological differences between DK and DMK and justified the split with it, E.V. Ramasami had betrayed him by his marriage with over 40 years younger Maniammai. The post of party chairman of the DMK was left symbolically open to E.V. Ramasami, and Annadurai took over as secretary-general.
In his inaugural speech as Rajya Sabha MP, Annadurai reiterated the call for an independent Dravida Nadu.  A little later, however, the DMK moved away from the secession requirement. When the Indian-Chinese border war broke out in October 1962, Annadurai backed the central government.
Finally, the DMK gave up the demand for an independent Dravida Nadu in 1963. She avoided the threat of being banned by the Indian central government for her secessionist efforts.
The demand for statehood was replaced by the demand for state political and cultural autonomy within the Indian Union. This was reflected in the rejection of the plans of the Indian central government to make Hindi the sole official language of India.
In 1965, in the state of Madras, violent protests over the planned introduction of Hindi as an official language led to five people burning themselves in public and more than 60 protesters were shot dead by the police. As a consequence of the anti-Hindi protests, it was decided to maintain English as an equal official language until further notice.
In 1967, the DMK won the elections in the state of Madras for the first time. In the run-up to the elections, the DMK campaign focused on the language issue and economic issues. The hitherto ruling Congress Party was punished for its role in the introduction of Hindi and the prevailing price hike.
After the electoral victory of the DMK Annadurai was sworn in on March 6, 1967, as Chief Minister of Madras. His reign saw the introduction of price subsidies for rice as a series of symbolically important decisions that served Tamil-nationalist sentiments. His government legalized the self-esteem weddings,
Abandoned compulsory Hindi lessons in state schools and initiated the renaming of the state of Madras in Tamil Nadu.
However, Annadurai's time as Chief Minister was short-lived. In September 1968, he had been diagnosed with oral cancer.
Medical treatment in the United States was unsuccessful, so Annadurai succumbed to his cancer on 3 February 1969.
C. Annadurai's death caused great consternation in Tamil Nadu. One day after his death Annadurai was buried at the north end of Madras' city beach Marina Beach.
15 million people attended Annadurai's funeral according to press reports. The Guinness Book of Records lists it as the largest funeral in history.  30 people were died, when they tried to travel to Madras on the roof of a crowded train to Annadurai's funeral and were crushed while crossing a railway bridge over the Kollidam River

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Health Issues, Illness and Death Info

C. N. Annadurai died on 03-02-1969 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He went to New York for medical checkup of his cancer disease at the Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center. The reason of his cancer was his chewing tobacco habbit.

DEATHDAY 3 February,1969 (Monday)
DEATH PLACE Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Body Measurements

Chest Size N/A
Waist Size N/A
Skin Colour Wheatish
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black

Personal Info

Home Town Tamil Nadu
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Address Tamil Nadu
School N/A
College N/A
Qualification N/A
Hobbies Reading
Marital Status Married
Debut he participated in the first Anti Hindi imposition conference held in Kanchipuram on 27 February 1938


Favorite Color White

Shocking / Interesting Facts & Secrets About C. N. Annadurai

  • As a student, C. N. Annadurai discovered his talent as a writer and speaker. His first essay appeared in 1932 in the magazine Tamil Arasu. In college, Annadurai also studied the works of the ancient Tamil Sangam poetry and developed an enthusiasm for the classics of Tamil literature.
  • Annadurai had passed the intermediate examination with success in his studies, and by seeing his excellence in studies, college gave him a scholarship, which enabled him to begin in 1931 despite his tight financial situation, a BA Honors program, which he completed in 1934. He then did an MA at the same college Degree in Economics and Politics.
  • C.N Annadurai is an object of great veneration in Tamil Nadu today. A monumental monument was erected on his tomb: Annadurai's tomb is marked by a black obelisk and is set in a two-hectare park-like memorial.which is entered through a gate in the form of an oversized triumphal arch. Annadurai’s grave monument has become a real place of pilgrimage.
  • In almost all the cities of Tamil Nadu are statues Annadurais, which are regularly crowned with flowers on the occasion of the anniversary of his birthday. Countless institutions, Streets, squares, etc. have been named after Annadurai.
  • 15 million people attended Annadurai's funeral according to press reports. The Guinness Book of Records lists it as the largest funeral in history.

C. N. Annadurai Age, Birthday Facts and Birthday Countdown

C. N. Annadurai was 59 years 4 months & 18 days old age.